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  1. M&MBA is one of the largest grower/processors in the world
  2. Located in the Northwestern corner of Washington State
  3. Temperate marine climate and sandy loam soils of Whatcom County are perfect for growing Red Raspberries
  4. Red Raspberries are a source of vitamin C and fiber
  5. Red Raspberries have been one of the highest incidences of ellagic acid which has been proven to help prevent cancer


  • Single strength sieved with or without seeds in 28# pail or 400# drum
  • Straight pack in 28# pail or 400# drum
  • Grade A IQF in 25# case
  • Bakers grade IQF in 25# case
  • Manufactures grade IQF in 25# case
  • IQF crumbles in 25# case
  • Custom pack by request

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