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M&MBA is the acronym for Maberry and Maberry Berry Assoates. This association unites the Curt Maberry Farm and Jake Maberry Packing. These family farms have grown quality berries for nearly 60 years. In addition, they have processed and marketed their fruit for over 30 years.

Maberry and Maberry Berry Associates (M&MBA) represents the third and fourth generation berry growing families. The farming tradition started in 1944 when Leonard E. Maberry, his wife Blanche and two children, Janice and Jake, moved from Missouri to Lynden, Washington to join their son, Winfred and wife Kathleen. Together, Leonard and his son, Winfred, bought a small farm just south of the Canadian border and farmed their first crop of strawberries. In 1955, Jake and wife, Money, started their strawberry farm to follow the family tradition. When Leonard retired in 1959, Winfred continued to expand the strawberry farm and added raspberries in 1965. Jake followed suit, adding raspberries in 1973. Winfred and Jake’s sons grew up working on the respective farms and now own and operate the farms with the same care and commitment that their fathers and grandfather established.

When Curt Maberry Farm and Jake Maberry Packing formed Maberry and Maberry Berry Associates (M&MBA) in 1980, their commitment to total quality in their fields carried over into their processing plants. As the market demand increased for their fruit, blueberries and cranberries were added to their farms. Today, the Maberrys pride themselves in running some of the best agricultural and food processing operations in the Northwest.

M&MBA continues to implement the latest in farming and processing techniques to maintain their pre-eminent position in the fruit industry.

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